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Some Saturday Recruiting Links

I Pledge Allegiance To The Sign 
Of Krispy Kreme Of America
And To The Cholesterol 
For Which It Stands
One Coronary Under 50
With Slippery Bags For All

One of the things which makes us craziest about recruiting, and one which we
indulge in on a personal level nonetheless, though we won't do it on the site
because it's destructive, is rumors. Right now there are a ton of rumors flying
about Chris Duhon.  The general consensus is that it's a done deal for
Duke.  Don't
buy it yet.
First of all, no one knows for sure., outside the Duhon
household, what exactly Chris will do.  We'd love to see him come to Duke,
of course; with his intellectual talents and mad hoops, it's a great place for
Chris.  Not to knock Kentucky, or anyone else, but he can't get the blend
of great hoops and great education anywhere else like he can at Duke. 
Having said that, Chris is the kind of kid you don't have to worry about. If he
goes to Kentucky, he'll take full advantage of the opportunities offered there,
and will be an excellent student. It's just that we'd enjoy having him so much here.

Abdou Diame still
has Duke on his list
, along with several other schools. It'd be fun to get a
guy like this guy - not exactly Elton, but, again, a different direction for a
Duke frontcourt player.

Here's a piece on Omar "T" Cook,
and the T is for technical. He has
gotten a few lately! In fairness to young Omar, these kids are flying all over
the place, playing more than NBA players, and are bound to be tired. Still, nine
is a lot.

Finally, here's an update on Damon Bailey, who is a nice counterpoint to one
of our repeated themes, which is don't count on making the NBA, because the odds
are about 1,000,000 to 1 against it.  Damon is still trying, but he has
wisely taken the money he's earned and invested it well: he owns a chain of
Krispy Kreme stores!  We knew we liked this guy.

He's still trying for a shot at the NBA, but he's set if not.  Hats off
to Damon from DBR for showing some sense.