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Friday's Recruiting Links

In recruiting stuff,
we link this thread from Wildcatchat on Prepstars
not to rag on anyone but
because we thought they'd like to be aware of the sentiment and the discussion.

In another link Jason Evans posted to the bulletin board, Antonio Falu, who
if we recall was the subject of a terrific recruiting battle between Louisville
and Houston, has opted for San Jacinto JC after his SATs
jumped from 540 and 660 all the way to 1,100
.  Falu, a native of PR,
claims his improved English is responsible.  Additionally, he attended Oak
Hill and another school under an alias and with a different Social Security number (that was where he took the SATs previously). His 1100 score has been disallowed.

While we don't know for sure what happened here, and relatively few people
do, and while mastering a language is bound to improve your test score, it's not
likely to double it. And Falu has declined the opportunity to retake it, saying
"If I take it (the SAT) again and pass it, they're going to find something

Whatever. He could easily resolve it by taking the test again but his
unwillingness to do so speaks volumes.

Ok, here's one last
one, on Jared Jeffries
, who lists his schools currently as Arizona, Duke, Florida State, Kentucky,
USC, Maryland, UConn and Indiana. His mom's pushing Indiana to keep him close,
though that means he'll get yelled at a lot, and his dad is pushing Kentucky.