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No Small Oversight!

Give the little guy a break! You try
competing against people who are 2 feet taller!

Generally speaking we didn't have many issues with ACC Today's lists, though
we would have moved Laettner higher, and Anson Dorrance, simply because he
dominated his sport more than anyone has and one could argue that he is a
better coach in his sport than Dean Smith was in his.  Those quibbles
aside, we realized there was one huge, glaring omission.

Who the hell left Muggsy Bogues off this list?  A 5'3" player
dominating the conference? And he didn't even make the Top 20 of All time. 
That's an injustice, and not a little one. One of our all-time memories was
watching Johnny Dawkins, in his glorious senior year, at the ACC Tourney in
Greensboro, just stop cold - and look for Bogues, who was nowhere near.

The look on his face was sheer panic - where the hell was Bogues? He screwed
up and he knew it. That was what Bogues did to people: scared the crap out of them. We watched him once run someone down, run under them, steal the ball and head back the other way - before the guy knew he had been stripped.

Another great highlight of Muggsy's career was his block of Patrick Ewing's

Anyway, leaving him off the list was a shame.  The only sports a
5'3" guy logically should do well in are very limited - gymnastics, maybe
golf (Ian Woosner is a little guy), horseracing.  That a 5'3" inch guy
had such an indelible career is just remarkable and, we might add, virtually