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Monday's Recruiting Links, Updated!

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Fran McCaffrey, who once upon a time was known as "White Magic,"
before leaving Wake Forest to go back East (to Penn), is
back in the area at UNCG as head coach. He
has a surprising recruit: Nathan Popp,
who originally signed with Georgia
before they fired Jirsa and hired Jim Harrick.

At VPI, the very capable Ricky
Stokes is off to an excellent start
. Keep your eyes on this guy - he's a) a
rising star, and b) a guy who would love to get back to the ACC.  And down
in South Carolina,
Eddie Fogler will have seven freshman this season.
Coming on the heels of a
disastrous season, this means he has to teach a lot - and fast.

From Georgia, AJ
Moyes has his new list out
- and Duke is on it. Check it out. Last to
Georgia Devils we can think of: William Avery and Jim "Suds" Suddath.

And finally, there are two other links, one
on the impressive Eddie Griffin,
and one by
Dick "Hoops" Weiss on the best of the best.