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Gophers Get Their Man

Players Happy
| Probation Still
| Who Is
This Guy?

Minnesota has chosen and the
choice is 37 year old Dan Monson, from Gonzaga.

Monson, who had signed a 10 year contract with Gonzaga after nearly pulling
off a miracle run to the Final Four, talked about having a commitment from the
Gophers. 10 years is an extraordinary commitment, but in fairness to coaches who
often leave before their contracts are up, the commitment would have probably
evaporated with two bad seasons.  Coaches are always on the verge of
getting fired, so maybe you can't blame them for looking out for their security
a bit.

Monson has Minnesota ties as his father, Don, was a native of the state
before heading out West with his family to Idaho.

It's an interesting choice, and he made a definite name for himself. 
The worst part is the players, who have been left with the ephemera of a 10 year
commitment which didn't make it through the mosquito months.

In completely unrelated news, the owner of the Hurricanes is moving
his software headquarters in to Detroit from a 'burb
- and he has a small
request. All he wants is something like The St. Louis arch, or else the pyramid
at the Louvre. 

Raleigh, consider yourself warned.