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Some Weekend Recruiting News

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The links from the Big Time Tourney in Vegas are mostly played out now. Here
are a couple we missed though - first
off, here's Brick Oettinger
. There are a ton of new recruiting guys out, but
the cognoscenti remain Oettinger, Gibbons, Konchalski, and in some people's
books (not ours) Clark Francis.  Kurt O' Neill is making a name for himself
as is Mike Sullivan.  Oettinger is one of our favorites, though, and from
all accounts an incredibly nice guy.

story of the tourney was Chris Duhon
, who was, from all accounts
sensational.  If he chooses Duke, as we of course hope he does, the ACC
will have several years (we hope) of great matchups between Duhon and Omar Cook,
who is
also proving sensational.
  Cook has said he's not settled on UNC; we'll
see.  Speaking of UNC, this isn't specifically ACC related, but the Raleigh
Razorbacks went west for some hoops. Check
out the dig on UNC
in this West Coast Hoops link. Reputations die
hard.   We will say this: we've played pickup ball in the West, and it
sucked.  In North Carolina, pickup games are sophisticated enough to fill
the lanes and do secondary breaks and the like. That's a direct influence of 36
years of El Deano, like it or not.

other Duke news, the Hazelton situation is coming into focus
, at least for
the kid himself. He's said Duke is his favorite, but Kansas has jumped in, and
UMass says he's their top target now. Also Andrew Gooden says there's an
excellent chance his pal DeShawn Stevenson will spend a semester or two at KU
before moving on the NBA.

Not a huge deal, but here's the
Five Star Web site.
  We had heard Five Star was coming up, but the
dates say it's happened. Sorry for the confusion if it's our fault.

Here's an article on how Ohio
State's successes last season have paid off
in recruiting, and speaking of
optimism, Tommy
Amaker has Seton Hall fans tingly all over.
And finally, while it doesn't
really fit in recruiting, Ken Burgess has spread his reputation as a little
league dad run amok nationwide. A reader posted the url for a BYU board on our
board, and BYU
people are ripping him up one side and down the other.
It's very funny
actually, and nice to know people see through his nonsense.