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Some Friday Recruiting Stuff

The recruiting season continues to build up steam. Eddie

Griffin is getting a big buildup and it looks like UNC has made a lot of

progress. But Tommy Amaker is close to having a breakout year in recruiting, and

Griffin hasn't ruled the Hall out. If they get him, watch out - Tommy will

know how to employ that kid very effectively. Unfortunately, Bob Gibbons

continues his "annoying habit" of putting all "thematic

terms" in quotes. Hey, Bob, us boobs "get it," so "give it

up already."

The NCAA's new idea on tying scholarships to graduation rates (which

Bob Knight suggested years ago),

is causing some alarm in Bearcat Country, though Huggins seems unconcerned.

The Bearcats, as you may know, sport a 0 - that's right 0% - graduation rate.

It's distorted by so many guys being JUCOS, but still, no one is mistaking

Cincinnati for Princeton. But being cut from 13 to 12 isn't that big of a

deal. If they really want to cause some concern, cut it to 9. That

would cause some attention to be paid.

In more Duke-related news, Jared

Jeffries twisted an ankle in Orlando.

In one other interesting tidbit, in is latest column, Art Chansky talks about
the sudden size problem in Chapel Hill. This paragraph jumped out at us:
"Recruiting analyst Bob Gibbons, who knew of Parker's desire to become a Tar Heel and was influential in Guthridge recruiting the 6-9 power forward again, is now predicting that Parker will attend Fork Union Military
Academy for one post-graduate year."

If we understand correctly, and perhaps we don't, Bob Gibbons is a graduate
of UNC. So our question is this - what exactly does this mean? Is Gibbons
actively aiding UNC recruiting efforts? We would assume it's at least
unethical for a "recruiting guru" to discuss "prospects" and
their desires with his alma mater, but does the NCAA have an issue
with this? Is it permissible? It would seem to us that a man in Gibbon's
position could steer players to some extent, as much as they're willing to be
steered, anyway. We've always had faith in his professionalism, but this
is a bit jarring, frankly.

At any rate, it would no doubt be discomforting to other coaches to think
that UNC has someone in that position, and it's probably a bad perception for
Gibbons, because he might not get as much information if he weren't an honest
broker. We honestly hope we misunderstood.

Next up on the circuit: Five Star and the legendary Howard Garfinkel.