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Wednesday's Recruiting Links

Ok, we have a few pretty cool links today. First, a
story from Philly on Tamir Goodman.
  Please note comments on Tamir's
performance in the Fila Pro-Am Leage and the Baltimore Coalition League and who
he's playing against - Mark Karcher,  Sam Cassell, Larry Stewart, among
others not mentioned.  We know there are a lot of doubters, and there will
be until Tamir proves himself on a large stage, but we're telling you guys, this
kid has skills.  He makes passes you won't believe. When we watch the video
- and we find ourselves watching it for the sheer pleasure of seeing someone
play the game correctly - we often put the video on slo-mo so that we can keep
up with his decision making. He's no joke, he's no novelty. This kid can play.

Secondly, Jason Evans posted an eye-popping
chart on the board of who has left Bob Knight's program over the years
Throw out Isiah, but then you have, among others, Larry Bird, Bob Bender,
Lawrence Funderburke, Neil Reed, Jason Collier, and Luke Recker.

Finally, you probably have seen that Bob Gibbons has gone over to Rivalnet.
ACC Today has replaced him with Hulan Pickett, who has a very fine knowledge of
the NC prep scene. We'd assume he can expand that beyond the state with the
platform and resources ACC Today offers him, and we look forward to seeing how
he grows. Congratulations to Hulan. We've never met him, but we hear him often
on the radio and he's always struck us as a gentleman. Best of luck to him with
ACC Today.