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Duhon Data, Gibbons Goodies, and Disney-fication Continues

That's One Happy Duhon! from Kurt O' Neill's site


First off, Chris Duhon's Jazz team won
the Big-Time Tournament
in Lost Wages, and took out Eddie Griffin's team to
do it.   Chris drained threes all over apparently and won the
Tournament MVP.

Now the tour is off to Orlando where some sick puppy put a college
recruiting circus in Disney World.
Ariel Dorfman, take note - American
culture is again at your mercy! On the other hand, Donald Duck does bear a certain manic resemblance to some
AAU coaches...hmm....

Darius Miles has apparently let it be known that he's NBA bound, which means
he'll be back in Orlando before too long, an American capital of surreality, on
the end of a bench most likely, quite probably with a Game Boy hidden in his
jersey to pass the time.

Frank Burlison picks up the Western scene and says that Utah
may lead for Garner Meads
, who may take his mission before he plays. Chris
Burgess - and Ken Burgess -should hope so. His skills are reputed to be what Ken
thinks Chris's skills are.  Double Jeopardy though, Ken - no where left to
transfer to, and the NBA is less than slightly interested at this point.

Frank Burlison points out that the team from Littleton is called the
Sharpshooters. Now this is a basketball term, to be clear, but it's still gross.
This should be changed. Christ Almighty.

Omar Cook is quoted as saying that he
hasn't committed anywhere yet,
but then again if we remember correctly,
Jason Parker said he had passed his SATs at one point too, which was obviously
less than true. The most likely common element? Tar Heel duplicity for 100,
Alex! We still stand by our comments and fully expect him to suit up for the
Heels. We'll tell you the story at the end of the recruiting season, right or

Finally, here's a
Bob Gibbons update on Jerome Harper
, who as you probably know is going to
the 0% graduation rate Cincinnati Bearcats.  Someone pointed out that only
counts four year players and since Hugs recruits heavily from the JC ranks, that
would tend to lower his rate. Then again, Jerome and DerMarr aren't exactly ace
candidates to get it up to, say, 2%.

Incidentally, though Gibbons is a "valuable resource," have you
ever noticed how he uses quote marks to "underscore" what's
"important." It drives us "nuts."  Someone
"please," tell Bob to "lay off" the quotation marks. It
"disrupts" the "flow" of your "news." For
instance, to tell you that "hot shooter" Matt Lottich has "verballed"
to Stanford - it's a "hot gunner" to go with "Casey

See? That crap just "gets in your system." Aaaaaaaaaaargh!