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Monday's Recruiting Stuff

We got a note from Kurt O' Neill telling us that there is word on his site
that Chris Duhon says Duke leads, but we can't find the article/video. This is
what Duhon says, not Kurt or DBR.

Here's a link on Zach Randolph and Jared Jeffries and the pressure
they have to stay home
. Zach Randolph is, from all accounts, even more naive
than most teen stars who are accustomed to having their butts kissed. 
After being convicted of harboring stolen property - guns no less - Randolph
says all the coaches who call him say that it's in the past, they're not worried
about it.    He'd be really smart to ask them if they've called
whoever he was holding the guns for and told them they were concerned about
their welfare, too.  He hasn't yet realized that it's in his past because
he's like 6-9 and 270 with a butt the size of the Continental Shelf.  When
his college days are over, he'll probably hear the same thing: it's in the past,
kid.  Here's hoping he wakes up, and grows up.