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More Recruiting Than You'll Need On A Sunday

In recruiting news, Kurt O' Neill tells us that a) Scott Hazelton broke his
nose trying to rebound - we like that! toughness! - and
that KU has joined the hunt.
We don't like that! Bad Roy! Back to the
West Coast!

Here's a piece on Riverside, the mighty mighty Hawks, and
their latest triumph.
Rivalnet has a pretty
broad selection of video footage
of recruits. From Las Vegas, there is
a piece on how one game at Big Time almost got out of control. Also, Cremins
is after Imari Sawyer.
Poor Bobby - he needs a big recruit, but whoever he
goes after will hear (from the others) that Bobby's doomed. Catch 22? This
isn't recruiting, but a catchup with former UNLV
Rebel George Ackles
who is still trying to hook on somewhere. He almost had
his leg amputated! Scary. We'll never forget watching him walk off the
court in '91, dazed, in disbelief. Our buddy Arnie sent
us think link on point guards
- it's a good read. And from D.C.
here's a recap of the Parkway Classic.