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On FSU QB Jared Jones

Kerri Crispell, 19, opened the door slightly and [FSU QB
Jared] Jones allegedly barged in. Jones asked for Crispell and her roommates to let down a futon bed for him. They did. Meanwhile, Jones began rummaging through the refrigerator and began eating pizza, sandwiches and leftover tortillas. He also boiled water to cook hot dogs and chicken.

All the while, Crispell and her roommates were trying to determine who in the heck the guy in the kitchen was. "He said 'Hey babe, how are you doing?' " Crispell said. "I wasn't concerned at first because I thought I knew this guy from a club or something. I was more embarrassed at the fact that he seemed to know me and I didn't know him."
From The
Tallahassee Democrat, an account of Jared Jones and his making himself at home
in a strangers house (he claims he thought it was a friend's apartment)