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Vasco Bails!

According to a link posted on the bulletin board, Vasco
has signed with Dafni,
a Greek professional team, though it isn't clear yet, at least not to us, how this affects his eligibility. If he signed a contract, of course, he's done with college hoops. That's what this link would seem to indicate.

Interestingly, they spell his name Vassili Efthimov.

Ok, Gut says so, so it must be true.

Addendum: looks like the whole thing
caught most of UNC off
It sounds like no one knew, except maybe Gut. Evtimov has turned out
to be pretty insignificant as a player, so from that point of view his loss
doesn't really matter much. Aside from having an uncanny resemblance to Sam The Eagle from Muppet fame,
and a haircut to match the personality, Evtimov leaves no discernible ripple on
the ACC surface. We're sorry he didn't stick around, though. We're
generally in favor of players staying and graduating, and UNC players, though
it's to our advantage to see them leave, aren't excluded from that.