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An Ugly Side Of Recruiting

Charlotte Observer has an article today in which they quote Clark Francis
at the kid, implying that he sat with an injury at ABCD because he couldn't play at this level. 
Nice, Clark, pick on a 17 year old kid. Very impressive. Maybe you could tell us
about some of the sociopaths who are indulged in this pathetic system before
they hurt someone instead of picking on this kid.

Goodman says he injured his knee in a pickup game. He played a bit, poorly at
first, a bit better after - and then left Friday. Why? Because it was Sabbath,
and he couldn't play or travel until Saturday after sundown. Why stay?

What bothers us most about this story is the suggestion that somehow Tamir Goodman
is a fraud.  How can this be? Here's a kid who was playing at a religious
academy, unnoticed, unbothered.  Then Billy Hahn showed up and Maryland
offered him a scholarship post-haste and then the media jumped all over this
story.  Someone please explain to us how other people's expectations are this kid's fault.
He didn't ask for any of this.

It's entirely possible he may suck in college.  He may be
horrible.  It's happened to big-shot high school  players before - Tom
Sheehey, Ricky Jones,
Earl Jones, hundreds of others.  They didn't cause this anger. Why is there a sense
of anger at Goodman? It boggles our mind, frankly.

This is a kid who from all appearances has done everything the right way. He puts God first, he
gets good grades, he doesn't molest or beat anyone, we feel safe in saying he
avoids drugs and alcohol and premarital sex - what is the problem? Zach Randolph
gets caught with 20 guns in his house,goes to jail, it's forgotten.  Chris
Herren has substance abuse problems, it's forgotten. Leon Smith stalks out of
his first practice in Dallas, it's forgotten.  Laurence Phillips is a time
bomb, so is Mike Tyson, Dwayne Schintzius we were urged to indulge, Rodman's a
freak,  that pitcher with Chicago almost killed a guy with a baseball -
intentionally - we're urged to move on and put it behind us.

Yet Goodman wraps his knee and he is a fraud, a no-good, when these people
are addicted, in and out of jail and have various other levels of trouble, often
quite violent.  Something is seriously out of whack here. One has to
wonder, frankly, if there's not an underlying resentment to the fact that the
kid is - quite proudly - Jewish.  Would there would be this kind of a reaction if he weren't

Look, every year kids come into the ACC and many of them are doubted, and
many in fact transfer down to a Marshall or a South Florida or a similar
school.  No one in our memory has ever been subjected to this kind of
brutal scorn and disbelief.  If the kid says he hurt himself, accept
it.  He owes the Clark Francis talent pimps (and that's what a lot of them
are, though  Kurt O' Neill and Brick Oettinger are not in that class) 
of the world nothing . Not one damned thing. Francis has been pimping off of
teenagers talents for years, and his comments are way out of line and he should
apologize before his meal tickets figure out that he's making money off their
talents but isn't above cheap shots about them.

We'd love for Goodman to go to Maryland and prove everyone wrong.  But
even more than that we'd like for people to get off his back and let him enjoy
his damned senior year.  He's a KID.