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Des Checks In From ABCD!

Ok, first some Duhon stuff. We want him. We want him badly. If he has a weakness in his game, I didn't see it, except perhaps that with
his talent, he could have more of a selfish/take charge attitude. I can easily see him
pairing up with Williams in the backcourt, with Duhon playing more as the shooting guard and Williams more as the
traditional penetrating point guard. I wasn't there Friday night for Duhon's matchup with Barrett, but according to several folks who were
there, Barrett had a few eye-popping plays, but Duhon definitely got the better of the matchup. And take this for what its worth, Duhon's
mom spent the game sitting right in front of K and Wojo. 

On Saturday,  K and Wojo were off to the Nike camp while Henderson switched from
there to the Adidas camp.  The Kentucky assistants were sitting in front of me Saturday while watching
Duhon just toast Imari Sawyer. After he just kept burying 3s they were shaking their heads in amazement.  

Hazelton also appears to be a pretty good player, but he's definitely a wing forward and not an inside guy. 

Forget about Stephenson, he wants to go NBA. And even if he doesn't, the next
time he passes will be the first. He hit some spectacular shots, but after taking a
trio of spinning, on the move 3 pointers, when one goes in its not all that impressive. Alton Ford, who has already committed
to Houston but is apparently considering the NBA, is in no way ready either, though he's closest to having an NBA body, just needs some
serious work on his post moves.

The whole atmosphere at the camps is quite fun actually, you never know who you're going to be sitting/talking with. Thursday I got to say hi
to Lute Olsen and Rick Majerus, as well as seeing a host of other coaches. On Saturday I sat behind the 2 KY assistants for one game,
and then behind Billy Donovan and John Pelphrey for another.  

Apparently Pelphrey had spotted a couple of underclassmen he liked and wanted Billy to look at - when one of
them started the game with two turnovers he pointed and said "Yeah, that's the guy I used to love."  

After taking a break to watch the US women beat China on PKs(ugh!) I came back and had a brief chat about the game with Roy Williams. I
also had a great time with Bobby Lutz and an assistant from UNC-Charlotte; he had some interesting observations about being at a
school that competes at a high level, but isn't one of the "name" schools that a kid will automatically list as a place he wants to go.  

Oh, and from the sound of it, Charles Hayward(the kid who had leukemia) is doing pretty well, in remission after receiving a transplant from
his brother. 

Anyway, the whole thing was a lot of fun and if any of you are in the area, I'd recommend dropping by it sometime.