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Tom Wolfe on Cameron

"I happened to have gone to a fabulous exhibition of inspired torment. Before the game, while the teams were warming up, a Wake Forest player tried to dunk the ball and missed. Somehow
you can be seven-four and miss your dunk. And the crowd got on his case immediately. So he came around again to dunk the ball, and he was so rattled by the crowd that he missed a second time. 
He came around a third time: He dunked the ball successfully,  and he jumped and hung onto the rim as players sometimes do after a fabulous dunk shot. And the backboard shattered. The colonial animal began to chant, "You break it, you pay for it, you break it, you pay for it." And I think it was at that point that Wake Forest lost the game. The game hadn't started yet, but they were shadowed by the great colonial animal.
Tom Wolfe on Cameron