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Pitino Update

The Boston Globe is out with a story which, in so many words, accuses Rick
Pitino of using the press to
spread lies about Antoine Walker

Is it true? Would he do that? Who knows? But what we do have to go on is
Pitino's public record of less-than-perfect behavior.  If we remembered any
of this incorrectly, or if anyone remembers other issues, please let us know and
we'll certainly amend this.

  • The recruiting mess at Hawaii when he was an assistant. 
  • The attempted circumvention of the Battier's rules of recruiting (they
    eventually told him to go away when he refused to do as they asked).
  • The bitterness of the Bradley family, who was told Pitino would be the
    Kentucky coach - just weeks before he left for Boston.
  • His recent declaration of disgust with college basketball being little
    more than a proving ground for the NBA - a development which he personally
    played a large part in (as we remember, he told a number of recruits they'd be in the NBA in two years).

If Pitino is being accused of being unethical, he's probably at least made it
harder to defend himself.