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Another Recruit on the Way?

Look for Duke to sign a backup point guard for next year and expect the
news to come soon. Andre Buckner, a 5'10"-6'0" point guard from University
Heights Academy in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, will be visiting the Duke campus over the next
couple of days and will likely attend the basketball celebration on Friday. Buckner is
reportedly a nice ballhandler and decent athlete, although he certainly has not been on
any of the recruiting beat radar screens. His role would be to give Duke a handful of
quality minutes per game, allowing Williams to stay fresh and effective. In one of his
very first duties as the new assistant coach, Wojo scouted him out for Duke.

Buckner is the brother (although one report said cousin - we'll
double-check that) of former Clemson player Greg Buckner. His school has produced some
decent players in the past. In addition to Greg, former Clemson and NBA player Chris
Witney, Temple's Lamont Barnes, and Notre Dame's Harold Swanagan all came from the private
University Heights Academy.