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Quin, Tommy & Bender Updates

In Missouri, Quin
is getting ready for the big December push,
where his team will face a
number of powerful teams including Indiana, Kentucky, Kansas, and
Iowa. His best big man, Tajudeen Soyoye, is worried
about riots back home in Nigeria
. the Hausa and Yoruba people have gotten
into it, and Soyoye says that if anythng happens to his parents, he has to go
home and take care of things.

Meanwhile, up at Seton Hall, Tommy is having some issues. His relationship
with Shaheen Holloway has never been ideal, and Shaheen
was injured in the GW game
(sort of like whiplash). Greg Morton missed
the bus to the game to visit with his family and, along with Gary Saunders, was
And guard Rimas Kaukenas is mad because he isn't getting
the PT he thinks he should and complaining in the papers.

What's up with all that? Andre Barrett will cure a lot of problems, but
that's next year.

Meanwhile, out in Seattle, Bender's team has
broken a 3 game losing streak,
defeating ODU. Star player Deon
Luton has
been in a slump
(much like Keyon Dooling of Mizzou).