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Another International Reader Checks In!

I've been on the net for about a year and a half and as soon as I found your site I was hooked, I take a look at it practically everyday.

Oh I'm from Waterloo Ontario, witch is about 60 miles west of Toronto

I guess I've been cheering for Duke since 1986, when I saw them in the championship game against Louisville, it's my first real memory of watching U.S. College basketball (I was 12 at the time) and I've been hooked ever since as I can honestly say I like it more than hockey, being from Canada that's a big statement.

Basketball up here is still growing but getting more popular with the Raptors and especially Vince Carter - who incidentally went to the wrong school, I can also say that i am the biggest Duke fan in the country, the paraphonalia I have of the team is just silly, everything from T-shirts to garbage cans to stuffed toys, it really is something else.

Anyway i love your site, it's the best College Ball site I've seen.

Nick Cullaton

P.S. I've been looking for tapes of the two Duke Championship tournament runs especially Duke-Kentucky 1992 and Duke-UNLV in 1991, but really I want all 12 games, if you could help me out it would be appreciated. Getting stuff like that in Canada is near impossible.