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DBR Down Under!

Wow, talk about a feel good day. This is one of the nicest letters we've
ever gotten.  Thanks Steve, and all the best to you and your mates in the
New Year!


G'day guys,

My name is Steve Roberts and i live in Sydney,Australia. I am an avid reader
of your page and of course a huge Duke fan. I wanted to say that it was
great to see your picture on the front page of the Sydney Harbor bridge at

I have always wanted to write into you guys, but i dont have an
email address, so I've borrowed my girlfriends. Anyways, I want to say thank you
on the way you commend our basketball fundamentals. I know our team can not
compete with yours, I'm just glad we are not totally disgracing

Your site's popularity is growing, as is that of Duke's
Basketball team. One of our country's most popular athletes, swimmer Daniel
Kowalski, is a massive Duke fan. He won 3 medals at the last Olympics. Being a
huge sports fan I follow all sports, but this guy is one of the coolest you
could meet.  

I got to meet him a few weeks ago at a sports signing and he was
really cool.when it was my turn to get an autograph I started talking to him
about Duke and he was blown away a bit..

Last year he wrote about his trip to
Duke in the Australian basketball magazine. It was a great article, and he is
often seen on TV with a Duke hat or shirt on - that's how i knew about his
passion for the Blue Devils....

We talked for 30 minutes about the team, about his trip there. While there he got to sit in on training
sessions, in
the locker room before last years Michigan game and how meeting Coach K, and
hanging with Wojo, Quin Snyder and a few of the players was an incredible

We talked for ages about the guys declaring early, about this year's freshman class and how he
can't wait to see Duhon play. He was telling
me a story about how he was at the World Championships in Hong Kong during
the Final Four, and how upset he was after the loss, that the last thing he
wanted to do was swim!! (he got third in the 1500m freestyle).

So in a
nutshell this was one of my greatest experiences, to meet one of our
national sporting icons was such a thrill He actually just got back from New
York where he spoke at the United Nations General Assembly introducing the
International Olympic Committee's resolution, but to him hanging in Durham was one of his biggest
thrills.He said he had never seen your page,so I gave him the address.

you guys are doing a great job, keep it up, you
have fans all over the world  I just wanted to share this special story with
you, I thought you might enjoy it. 

All the best for 2000


Steve Roberts