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We saw this column on, the New
Orleans site on the web, which has the Times-Picayune. Apparently someone
has already registered,
which offends, understandably, Mrs.
Harper, Chris's mom.

We went looking because we understand there was a story about recruiting and
the net which mentioned Chris Duhon. We haven't found it on the web, but a
reader was nice enough to send us these comments and excerpts:

The story begins with an anecdote about Tommy Bowden searching for a blue
chip prospect on a high school campus. After having no luck in the gym,
weight room, or hallways, Bowden took a tip and found the kid in the library
surfing the net. The anecdote ends with a quote from Bowden about how big
the net has become for recruiting, the story turns to Duhon, saying he was very
much aware of the web and the sites on the web (hi Chris!):

"He conducted online chats, compiled a diary and was on several
recruiting analysts [sic] buddy lists where he'd e-mail them back and forth.
Even after orally committing to Duke, Duhon kept a diary. He said,
ultimately, the Internet didn't influence his decision. But he kept up on
what was out in cyberspace.

"'People would call and say, "Hey, check out this site. They have a
good article about you,"' Duhon said. 'Or, "Check out this site." When I
was getting close to making my decision, I was on there a lot, especially
with Kentucky and Duke.'"

Later the article quotes Tulane football coach Chris Scelfo about
innuendo and one person posting his or her opinion and hiding behind the
anonymity of the net. Then this:

"Duhon, too, said he couldn't believe some of the things posted on
the Internet during his recruitment.

"'For instance, one thing I saw had (Salmen) Coach (Jay) Carlin
wanting me to go to Kentucky,' Duhon said. 'Coach Carlin never told me to go
anywhere. He told me just make the right decision. One had definitely going
to Duke before I had decided. It said, "All these other schools don't have a
chance." There were a lot of rumors.'"

So again, even though in this case the player said he wasn't concerned,
clearly, he's aware of it. Omar Cook has made it clear on numerous
occasions that he's aware of it. So Duke fans, let some other schools be
the yokels and the rubes. Be positive and don't contribute to internet
rumor-mongering, because it can ultimately work against your own interests.