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ACC Roundup

This will take some getting used to. (photo linked
from the N&O)

We didn't get to see the UNC-Indiana game, being a bit occupied with
Duke-Davidson, but the
N&O suggests dominance
by the Hoosiers.  Unfortunate for the Heels,
because that was the game where Haywood shut up a lot of critics with a fairly
dominant performance. Here's
Indiana's Game on the big matchup.
  Indiana is staking a strong claim
towards post-season play.
UNC is now 0-2 vs. the Big 10/1
. Sounds like Indiana
played beautifully
. We wish we could have seen it. Here's a game link
from the NY Post,
and another
from the NY Times.
You have to register to read the Times, but come on, what
do you want? It's free.

In the third ACC game, UVa
held off Richmond
for the late win. Tonight FSU
has an interesting opponent
in Vandy, coached now by Kevin Stallings,
formerly of Illinois State.

signed a long-term deal
which will ensure that Raycom/JP retains TV,
marketing and internet rights. We're not sure we'd sign a long term internet
contract, because you don't know where it will be in 10 years.

In one of those little filler columns,
AJ Carr remembers David Thompson.
  We'll say it again - if you didn't
see him, you missed the best ever, and Michael Jordan, as far as the ACC goes,
would agree.