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Haywood Watch!

DBR Haywood Watch
Player Height Rebs Opp
Haywood, UNC 7-0 5 Indiana
Lang, UNC 6-11 3 Indiana
Boozer, Duke 6-10 3 Davidson
Capel, UNC 6-8 8 Indiana
Miller, Florida 6-8 6 Rutgers
Battier, Duke 6-8 2 Davidson
Carrawell, Duke 6-6 8 Davidson
Forte, UNC 6-4 7 Indiana
Dupay, Florida 5-11 4 Rutgers

Brendan Haywood had a pretty nice game statistically against Indiana.
Unfortunately for UNC it wasn't enough, but it was still a nice job. He was
fairly dominant actually:

21 8 7 6 6 2/5 20

Speaking of UNC and Indiana, we got this e-mail from a reader:

This probably isn't worth the time it has taken, but I had to check after
reading the comment in the ACC Roundup that "Knight has usually prevailed
over the UNC system."

If I read the pages I looked at correctly, Knight was hired at Indiana before
the 71-72 season. UNC and Indiana have played five times since, with UNC winning
in 1979, 1980 and 1988, while Indiana won in 1981 and 1984.

Granted, Indiana won the two biggest games, and UNC's have been fairly
meaningless regular season or Preseason NIT wins, but that would give Dean Smith
a 3-2 edge in the series.

Just something I wanted to note.

Keep up the good work. Even though I'm a UNC grad, I absolutely love DBR.

Thanks. So should we amend that sentence now to say something like
"Knight has prevailed over the UNC system half the time and always when it

Just kidding Jason! Thanks for the catch.