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Mizzou Readies For Illini; The Hall Is 6-2

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Quin Snyder is getting ready for another big game,
this time against the Illini.
Missouri is smaller, but so was Duke and
Maryland. We say they've got a shot. Incidentally, Quin has a kid on his
team who
could build a new gym for Missour if he wanted to
. Josh Walton Kroenke.
Recognize the middle name? It's on Wal-mart's worldwide.
All Josh wants is to be one of the gang.

A hypothetical question: what if a kid in his position wanted to do something
crazy like build a swanky dorm for the basketball team. Would that be
legal? If it were his money?

Hey, don't look now, but Seton
Hall is 6-2.
Tommy wanted more
out of Rimas Kaukenas
against Army. He got enough from everyone to win.