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More Tubby Support!

More mail in support of Tubby Smith, after letters to the editor called
for him to be fired...

Dear [DBR],

I would like to take the time to drop you a line and say TUBBY YOUR NUMBER ONE
IN MY BOOK.....I am not one of those so blinded by our past to think that we
could continue that pace over and over again.....I believe in this TEAM, TUBBY
SMITH, and that the majority of TRUE KY FANS feel the same way....I say give
these kids time to find themselves, gel, and mature and this team will be

Thank you Tubby for all you and your family have had to endure under the high
stress that many KY fans put you under.....When you shed your tears last year
for our fallen recruit you touched my heart....Then I met you in May at your
office....YOU, Sir, are a true gentlemen and the epitome of what a COACH should
be, a teacher, a disciplinarian, and a motivator.....



hey Guys:

Here is one Kentucky fan who is thrilled with Tubby Smith as the Kentucky head
coach. So what if we have a rebuilding year, the pieces are in place to be
solid for years to come with all the young talent. And thats without
saying that this years team still has a chance to be very good, not everyone can
be successful with the teams and schedule we have played to this point.
True, he has missed on a couple of recuits this last off season, but he has also
pulled a couple of recruiting surprise wins as well.

Also, those same "fans" need to get off the back of Saul, his son.
The younger Smith is what every Kentucky fan should admire. He isn't
blessed with the most talent in the world, but he does make things happen and
gives 150% effort. And the way he handles the whole situation makes him
even more likable. I say keep on playing him.

And some Kentucky fans need to get off Tubby's back and let the man do his job.
Eight games into a season is ridiculous for people to want his head on a

Thanks for giving the opportunity

Rob Ellington