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Interesting Times Continue

It was strange to pick up the Durham paper today and see, above the fold on
the front page, Ed Cota's comments on being arrested - next to a picture
of a beaming Dean Smith signing the book he swore he'd never write. And then
inside, the sports page was dominated by Phil Ford's press conference, and a
lengthy column by Frank Dascenzo saying that Ford should have resigned.

In Cota's case, he has declined
to get a lawyer,
which might not be too smart. He may be right, nothing may
have happened, but sometimes it pays to be cautious.

Then we see Art Chansky obliquely
criticizing the "internal" handling
of the Ford situation, and Jim
Heavner concluding - brace yourself - that maybe, just maybe, God
isn't a Tarheel after all.

And we thought we'd seen it all when the Berlin Wall fell 10 years ago.