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State Knocks Off Hawks 78-63

| Raleigh
| Greensboro

Our buddy Texas Wolf has a
pretty cool summary up of the State-Five Star Hawks game
.  Sounds like
State improved a lot from the prior game against the California All-Stars. 
He says what Herb is doing is basically putting in Pitino's system, and with
Inge, Thornton, Wilkens, Grundy, and Marshall Williams, they're beginning to
have the athletes to do it. Now, too, Archie Miller is able to slot into a
fairly specific role and may be more productive than he was as a freshman when
he had to carry too much weight.  And by now everyone should know better
than to underestimate Justin Gainey, who we respect as much as any opposing
player we can think of. He's made himself a legitimate player, despite being
lowly regarded for virtually his entire career.