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UNC Downs Down-Under All Stars; Duke Up Next For Aussies

UNC had the Aussies in today, and defeated them after a bit of a struggle,
pulled away and won 96-78.
  In the first half, Brendan Haywood had only
one rebound, despite the Aussies having no one taller than 6-8, but according to
Go came alive in the end.  Duke plays this team tomorrow.
Competition aside, touring teams must love the Triangle because the teams are so
close together.  They can get two or three games with a minimum of travel,
which must be a godsend.

In some unhappy news for the Heels, Kris Lang sat out with shin splints. This
comes after he had a mysterious virus which set his conditioning back. 
Shin splints make it painful to run under the best of circumstances, and since
basketball is all about running, it's going to be a tough stretch for Lang. A
doctor we spoke to said that his weight gain might have added to the stress on
his shins and certainly won't make it any easier to get over this.  The
other alternative mentioned was steroid injections (this is a legitimate medical treatment by doctors. We don't mean to suggest Kris should, or would, inject himself).

The score of this game was remarkably similar to Maryland's experience with
the Bandits, as
they won 98-79 a few days ago.