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Max Hears Footsteps

Max Owens has heard the buzz about Joseph Forte and of course knows exactly
how good he is since he plays against him every day. Now
he's on record as saying he should start,
and he's putting his faith in the
UNC system's emphasis on seniority. Will it be enough? Shammond Williams or
Brian Reese? Enquiring minds want to know!

On another Heels front, the
death spiral continues for the football team.
Things are so bad
that a guy like Jammie Deas can promise to ridicule the Tar Heels all the way
back to the bus after whipping UNC - and keep that promise - in Chapel Hill.
Somewhat surprisingly,
Art Chansky has come out firmly in support of Torbush.
Lenox Rawlings,
pretty clearly,
is going the other way.

In some other ACC news, the
Deacs shot down the Five Star Hawks
by 10 last night. State gets them
tonight, and if we're not mistaken, the game is in Reynolds at Garf's
request. It's your last chance to see the old queen of the ACC.