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Neil Fingleton Update

Quotin' Bob Gibbons
has an update on Neil Fingleton,
which is actually pretty interesting,
saying that he'll probably sign letters of intent with UNC, Wake, and Boston
College, overnight them to Durham, England for his parent's sigs, and then get
them back and decide which one he wants to send in. He has three weeks to
do so. Very interesting.

Wake bagged a 7' footer earlier this fall, and UNC has only Haywood at
center. If he comes back for his senior year, Fingleton would be his understudy
for a year. We don't know anything about BC's situation, but their talent
is obviously a step down, and he'd probably be able to step in immediately.

Ok, on to the quotes, italicized comments, and assorted mayhem against the
English tongue!

  • who is now "at least" 7-6, and maybe taller
  • November 10-17 Early Signing Period.
  • "unofficial visit"
  • Coach Dave Odom's Wake Forest
  • "American Family"
  • including one yesturday afternoon.
  • the most likely scenario
  • comes the really interesting part.
  • Neil Fingleton will mail one of the three signed national letters to the institution that will become his future college.
  • three weeks in which to mail the letter-of-intent to their chosen member institution.
  • "The really BIG QUESTION"
  • "incredible frame"
  • "the first and the last shots"
  • this "Tower of London" (note - the kid is
    from Durham, England, not London - DBR)