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Remember "Thank God For Mississippi?"

Carl Torbush's tenure at UNC
would appear to be on the career equivalent of a respirator
, but fortunately
for UNC fans, Wake's Jammie Deas has all but guaranteed UNC a win today. We've
never, ever heard an ACC player talk
so much smack.
It's amazing the stuff he's saying, and it has been
carefully distributed amongst the Heels. So our prediction is that the
Heels will win and Deas will look very foolish. Weaufxgood lesson #1: he who
woofs last woofs best.

And it could be worse. Check
out what's going on at LSU,
where the Tigers are not only losing games but
have seen a number of players arrested, a purse snatching, a long distance
ripoff scam involving at least six players, and an agent who tried to bribe a
coach, and former Tiger Kevin Faulk said that the guy had given him a lot of
money while he was still at LSU.

UNC has had some problems, but LSU
is really getting hammered.
And not only that, they are losing heavily. Oh
well, at least they can take pride in their graduation rate. Right? Well, maybe

Time for someone to clean the stables down there!