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Quotin' Bob On Howell

Quotin' Bob is up to his usual good deeds, bolding, bracing, highlighting and
capitalizing everything in sight! This time, it's for Rolando Howell, who has
said those rarest of post-ACC words - well, just look at the first quote, no
need to repeat it. Bob also issues his second sympathy statement for
Kentucky fans, clearly realizing that 95.7% of all recruiting visits, anywhere
on the net, are from Kentucky readers. Way to get up to speed on the net,

  • "I want to be a GAMECOCK."
  • freshman basketball player at South Carolina

  • eleventh member

  • National Pre-Season "Dandy Dozen" High School Seniors to commit to a college.

  • still uncommitted player
  • will sign next week
  • Coach Mike Jarvis' St. John's

  • four best senior prospects
  • Nike All-American Camp
  • "key recruit" for Coach Eddie Fogler and his staff this year, and he should be "an immediate impact player" for The Gamecocks as a freshman.

  • Midland Lakers AAU Team
  • South Carolina 17-Under AAU State Tournament.
  • All-Tournament Team

  • Bob Gibbons' Tournament Of Champions

  • Taylor wants to be a Gamecock, but SC only has two scholarships right now.

  • "disappointed" Kentucky Wildcats' fans,
  • in recruiting "you win some and lose some." (careful when you tell them that, Bob!)
  • And, your favorite school will definitely win more than they lose.
  • "too many advantages,"
  • "keep the faith, ye avid followers of "Big Blue Basketball."