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Heels Down Hawks, 108-94

Though we're waiting for a wire story, Ben's UNC page tells us that UNC beat
the Five-Star Hawks 108-94, in a score much closer than the Duke-5 Star score
was. The Duke tendency will be to say, "see, we're better," but
that's misleading on a number of fronts.

First and foremost, no Cota.
Easy Ed would likely have had 10 assists and 10 points, at least. That
would be 30 points, and probably a couple of steals, so that would push the
margin out further.

Secondly, they may have been up 30 for all we
see so far.

The other factors to keep in mind, of course, are that
the Hawks played three games in three days, and Duke was merciless, so they
should be tired. Who knows? It's a meaningless game without Cota, at least in
terms of measuring progress. We'll link to a story as soon as we see

From what we saw on tv, the upper deck was almost entirely empty.
That fake crowd noise might have come in handy!

Speaking of Ben, he's debuting a
section of women's coverage,
which is great. We wish we had time to do that,
too. We barely do what we try to do. His pal Michelle D. Hillison, who is
one knowledgeable sports woman, is editing the page.