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UNC Woes, Grundy Lights It Up

Former UNC footballer Brian Norwood, who was arrested for having sex with an
11 year old girl, has
been been given a 16-20 month sentence.
He's very lucky to get that
little. His football career is most likely over. Remember the basketball
player from New York who assaulted a girl and found doors slammed in his face?
It'll be worse.

In other UNC news, Carl Torbush is in deeper and deeper hot water. Can
Baddour keep him on? It's
going to be tough.
Caulton Tudor is the
latest guy to run down a list of UNC's woes.
He quotes a Duke fan as saying
that "[e]verything that's happening to Carolina is healthy for them in a purely metaphysical
sense. Humility can't be learned from a book. It has to be experienced first-hand in order to be understood."
And here's
yet more bad news.

When Swofford, Smith, & Brown left, we said that UNC was in a period of
relative decline, that no program could lose people like that and stay the same.
Boy did we get mail from UNC folks blasting us for saying that. However, we were
the first ones to say it, and time seems to have borne it out.

Meanwhile, over in Raleigh, Anthony
Grundy is yet another reason
for basketball optimism. State's defense
has been pretty solid (and brutal). Now they may actually have enough
offense to be dangerous. And while we missed this on the 2nd, a
very bad omen for Bobby Cremins.
And in College Park, might Gary
Williams have unearthed
another lowly rated guard who is better than anyone thought?
And Barry
Jacobs has a nice column on Clemson's newcomers and the
Tigers' prospects for this year.