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The Gibbons Effect, Revisited

Adam Boone May Be Achieving Geogibbonous Orbit By The
Time You Read This!

We posted a note a while back about the "Gibbons Effect" - how when
a recruit signs with UNC, he tends to "move up" in Bob Gibbons'
rankings. When Adam Boone committed, as we noted, he was ranked #44 on Quotin'
Bob's own site. But the day he "verballed,"  Bob told the
Charlotte Observer that he was "definitely a top 30 prospect." 
Not only that, but he grew an inch and gained two points in his average. Now, that's
a guru!

Anyway, we mention this because
there is a post on ACC Boards "reputedly quoting Quotin' Bob.
Here's the "part of interest:"

"I don't know about these other gurus, but I've been doing this for 30 years, and unless I'm going blind, Adam Boone is a Top 25 player. Adam Boone will be a better college player than Omar Cook, I guarantee it." 

Hmmm....if that's the case, then why didn't Bob rank Adam #2 and Omar #25,
30, or 44?

Apparently this is supposed to be from Thursday night's chat session with Adam Boone, if it
is "in fact" Bob, and it might not be.   There's no
guarantee that someone didn't "maliciously misquote the man" and
"put words in his mouth," and they might have gotten the quote wrong,
too.   If it's not Bob, we bet the good folks at .accboards
"get a letter" by the morning. But the note was edited by
someone "apparently affiliated with the board," who goes by the handle
Brownie. So maybe so.  Hey, we're "just observing the
Other people can testify to the "validity" of the
"quoted comments."

Also of interest in this account is the suggestion that UNC
"denied" Omar.  Is it "true?"  Who
knows.  But if it is, then Adam Boone is on "the ride of his
life." If it's not, then someone has a "wickedly funny sense of humor."