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ACC Roundup

After losing to Wofford at home, to Wisconsin-Green
in the Bi-Lo tournament thingy, and now only
scoring 35 points against Oregon State,
a middling Pac 10 team, the
time has come to raise the question: will Clemson win an ACC game?

Surely injuries haven't helped - Jurkunas has just broken a thumb, and
freshman point guard Edward Scott played for the first time yesterday after
breaking a foot, but come on - Wofford, W-GB, and OSU? It's not exactly
murderers row. The football team has outscored the basketball team three
times this year, according to the State.

On the other side of the coin, a clearly rising ACC team, Virginia, is
building confidence and gaining experience,
having just beaten Arizona State t
o go 2-1 in the Puerto Rican
shootout. Next up: the scandal-ridden Gophers of Minnesota, who still have
a great center in Przybilla.\

Down in Tallahassee, the legend of Nigel Dixon is growing eve as he's
shrinking: the big, big, big man has lost
30 pounds since school started, and is down to 393.
He's not just the
biggest basketball player in ACC history, he's bigger than any football
player, too. He sounds like a really sweet kid, who is working hard to get
better, and who is comfortable with himself. For instance, in high school
someone pulled the old Pizza delivery trick at a game, bringing him five (the
trick pioneered at Cameron, by the way), and Dixon just cracked up. Check
the story out, he sounds like a great kid, just one who needs to do some serious
Barkley-esque makeover work. Make sure to look at the second picture.