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SEC Stumbles Early

The early stumbler among the conferences
appears to be the SEC
. With three very powerful teams in Florida, Auburn,
and Kentucky, the SEC was supposed to roll this season. They may yet. But so
far, Florida has lost in Hawaii, and barely defeated Utah State, and Donovan is
very angry at the play he's gotten from Dupay and Nelson, and
he suspended Brent Wright for an attitude problem.
might have something to do with the talented
freshman Donnell Harvey pushing him.

Auburn had an embarrassing loss to Stanford, playing without Mad Dog Madsen,
but even so that's not that big of a surprise considering the different levels
of coaching ability.

And Kentucky was upset by Dayton in a bit of a shocker. Even after an
amazingly long practice
, which really sort of pushed school aside, they
still struggled
. Incidentally, Jamaal Magliore lost his cool and got
T'd up, described this way by Kentucky Hoops:

"Kentucky had an opening to pull away in the first half when Mark
Ashman, Dayton's top front-line player, went to the bench with his second foul 5 minutes into the game. But Jamaal
Magloire lost his cool and Kentucky lost its chance.

"Magloire shoved Stanley hard with his hip long after the whistle, drawing a technical foul only 20 seconds after Ashman left the game. Magloire also headed to the bench with his second foul, and neither played again in the half, which ended with Kentucky ahead 39-33."