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A Weird Recruiting Tussle

Here's the latest reason why coaches are really annoyed by internet
recruiting sites: A UNC fan posted on a board that if Neil Fingleton  went
to Wake... "[i]f he is that dumb, we don't want him. Period."

So a Wake fan printed that and faxed it to Fingleton's high school
coach.  That caused a lot of angry comments back and forth, but
fundamentally, his second point was correct: it's in the public domain, and if
someone didn't want their comments sent around, they shouldn't have posted
them.  There is probably an NCAA regulation about this, or will be at some
point, and he has unquestionably injected himself in the recruiting process, or
at least tried to.  But the UNC fans who are angry with him are directing
their anger at the wrong place. Was it a jerky thing to do? Yes.  But he
couldn't have done it if a jerky UNC fan hadn't posted something dumb.  Anyway,
here's the thread.
  We think people are better off being
optimistic and generous when discussing recruiting.

 Note - the threads have now been removed