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ACC Roundup

In ACC action, Georgia Tech was
taken out by Kansas
(interesting side note - Smith vs. McGuire lineage) by
12. They fought back into the game but couldn't get over the hump
apparently. So Tech found they maybe aren't that far from the
better teams. Clemson is another story. After just
barely beating Central Florida,
the Tigers got beaten - and
soundly, we might add
- by Wisconsin-Green Bay. This wouldn't have surprised
us if Dick Bennett were still there - he was just another version of Dick
Tarrant - but it's somewhat shocking to see an ACC team dominated by this
team. Guess that 0-life streak in Chapel Hill won't be broken this season
either. It's
going to be ugly for Clemson
unless something changes.

Speaking of Dick Bennett, Wake gets his new team, Wisconsin, on Tuesday in
the ACC-Big 10 Challenge. Last night they ran over Maryland-Eastern Shore
as a warmup, but one
of their guys torched Wake for 36.

FSU got Jacksonville and thrashed them,
but too bad no one showed up to watch
. It's a hard sell in Tally, but
we still think Robinson can get it done and get more than 2,500 in the stands,

Caulton Tudor has some fairly acerbic comments on
UNC's decision to keep Torbush.

Hey, who was the genius headline writer who put these two headlines back to
back in The State after Rae Carruth was arrested and charged with
shooting his girlfriend?

  • Carruth, two others arraigned
  • Biakabutka wants his shot