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ACC Roundup

In ACC stories,
Loren Woods has identified the problem at Wake
- Dave Odom. Not the fights,
not the petulance, not the school, but the coach. Whatever.  Last night
against Kentucky, Loren
hit one field goal (we read that in a story but the box story says he had three).

Here's more on
Damien Wilkins' first big game,
and what do you know - State is 3-0. Of
course only Georgia is a significant opponent thus far.  

Clemson continues to struggle, this
time against Central Florida.
Hey, it's a step up from losing to Wofford.
Tech won up in Alaska, gunning
down Bob Bender's Huskies.
  We only have one question: who the hell is
Maxer and how did he outrebound the rest of Tech's team without even appearing
on the roster?
It must be Collier, who isn't showing up in the boxscore. Oooops! 
Here's a link from the Washington paper.
Here's an article on the
previous game by Bender's boys
, too. Tech
will get a major test in the Finals of the Shootout
, facing Kansas,
who beat Xavier senseless
last night, racking
up 36 assists in the process.
Big test for Tech, without question.

beat Notre Dame in the consolation game
in the Garden. Here's an
article from the Sun
, and
here's a more in-depth piece
on how Gary is actually having fun. 
Incidentally, check out the stats: Lonnie Baxter is taking over! 

Baxter 36 8-10 1-1 4-14 2 2 17

That's impressive.