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State, Maryland Win

After Herb hinted around for Damien Wilkins to get more aggressive, he did
against Stetson, to
the tune of 22 points in 25 minutes.
So far the ACC has three extremely
impressive rookies - Wilkins, Jason Williams, and Joseph Forte. We haven't
seen much of Travis Watson so far, but we expect he'll join that group soon
enough. Right now, Forte is the best, but Jason Williams continues
to show a true gift for passing. We're looking forward to seeing more of
all of them. As an aside, we hear Tamir Goodman and Forte have some serious on
court chemistry. Too bad they won't get to pursue it.

In other ACC news,
Maryland held off Notre Dame,
but not by much, and they almost gave it
away. A Carolina-style comeback? Not quite, but close.
Loren Woods and Arizona won the NIT Title.