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ACC Roundup

lost to South Carolina,
a team which basically hit a meltdown last season,
73-71.  Looks like USC's size made it hard for UVa to operate, and since
the ACC has some decent big men,
this could be an issue for UVa.Next up:
Pete's old team, Providence.

The Heels are back from Hawaii and
they say they learned a lot.
What they mostly learned is that Forte
is a phenom,
Haywood and Bersticker haven't grown much as players (they got
abused on defense on a regular basis, specifically Bertsicker who fell for more
fakes than a 12 year old art dealer), and that Lang has a ways to go to be fully
healthy.  For some reason we kept catching just the first halves of games,
so we evidently missed their better play, but Bersticker has a long ways to go.
It could be related to his foot injury, but that doesn't explain why he bit on
so many fakes. Regardless, they're now in prime position to
take on a murderous part of their schedule.
  Part of that of course
is the ACC-Big 10 Challenge.
  Cota and Newby are
due in court on December 6,
but since that coincides with exams, the court
date may be postponed.

Up in College Park, Maryland is trying to figure out what happened vs.
Kentucky and why
they keep getting behind.
  Next up is Notre
Dame, coached by Matt Doherty
, who will relish the chance to put Maryland
behind - and won't let them up easily if he does. Here's another article, this
one from the Trib.