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The Wizard's Travel Expenses

We link to this post with no prejudice or malice either way, but after Mike
Sullivan was slammed on All-Star Report the other day, and after Rob Matera (and
by proxy Bob Gibbons) and Clark Francis all call Sullivan the Wizard because he
never attends games, and after Matera said this: "Mike's other favorite thing to do is use his children as an excuse. That's right, it's as shameful as it is ridiculous. Mike says that he's tied to his home and can't travel (even short distances) to see basketball games. Lot's of us have kids and are still able to do our jobs, right? Some of us have two jobs and kids (like me!)" - it's worth at least raising the question.

if Sullivan is spending 50,000 a year
to send people out to games, according
to this post, and including himself, what's missing here? As we said we're not
taking sides, we're just pointing out an obvious conflict in the accounts.
50,000 is a hell of a lot of travel.

Oh, and one more thing - that damned spam scam on rival net sites is infuriating. You know the one - where the teaser up top doesn't name a player or a team, but all too often links to North Central Arkansas State, or the Centerville Titans - programs, in a nutshell, you could care less about but have been suckered into reading about. As far as we're concerned, spam is precisely the right word: it suggests one thing and usually delivers something else entirely.