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ACC Roundup

Well the big news of course is the
firing of Mike O' Cain
. It's big on the face of it but the underlying
story is that Chancellor Marye Anne Fox takes athletics very seriously. A
pleasant fact for many State fans, no doubt. With gregards to the Torbush
situation, the
media is defending their stance
. And in Chapel Hill legal news, the
attorney for Cota and Newby expects acquittal
(thought Cota wasn't going to
get an attorney). Nonetheless, the DA's office has not dropped
charges. Good thing for UNC - they
needed their guards in Hawaii.
Joseph Forte has already made the
All-Rookie team and is making a push for Rookie Of The Year.
He was sensational.

In Raleigh, it turns out Kenny
Inge will miss surgery on his knee
- a lucky break. He's looking at a month
out now, down from six weeks.

Maryland has
fallen to Kentucky again
, but playing without Ekezie, and Stokes and
Francis, who the Poop Sheet says is emerging as "the most hated player in
the NBA," they still played the Cats to within three points. Here's
a recap from the Sun
and one
more article, too.
Here's Kentucky
Hoops on the game.