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Now That's What We Call A Rival!

Well Good Night In The Morning, what do you say to this one? Quotin'
Bob's colleague Rob Matera has gone after Rivalnet colleague Mike Sullivan with
both barrels
- and he saved a few rounds for the internet in general.

It's no secret that Bob (and apparently his underling Matera as well)
doesn't appreciate the joys of the web - from his point of view it's likely a
tidal wave of competition - but what we didn't realize is how much contempt he
has for the competition in general. Quotin' Rob (he does his own share in
here but not like the master - "the apple doesn't fall far from the
) rips Sullivan or almost everything, from criticizing rankings,
to kissing UK bootie to get more hits (he says it obliquely but that's who he
means), to the way he claims Sullivan hides behind his kids as an excuse
not to go out and see players in person.

Wow. This business must be getting really cuthroat. Incidentally,
the nickname "Wizard" has popped up on other occasions, most recently
being seen on Clark Francis' Hoop Scoop. They call Mike Sullivan the
Wizard because no one ever sees him or knows who he is, meaning he doesn't show
up to cover recruiting in person, making his authority somewhat miraculous.

Anyway, Quotin' Rob (use the force, young Matera, one day you too can be a
Jedi of cliches
-) goes off on the Wizard in a serious way.

Our question is this: the name on the Report is the Bob Gibbons All Star
Report. If there is going to be an attack on The Wizard, which has a basis
once you root through the bile, shouldn't Bob "speak for himself?"

Anyway, it's going to be fun to see the Rival net colleagues bare their claws
and go after each other. From what we've seen so far, Sullivan doesn't
appreciate criticism, so expect him to fire back unless the Rivalcops order them
to make nice.