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ACC Roundup

Last night, as we said, State
lost Kenny Inge for a month or more.
The MRI is today. State did
manage to beat ODU however
. State is also debating the fate of O'
Cain. Marye Anne Fox, as it turns out, takes a keen interest in sports,
and she is
very much result-oriented.
The word should
come today.

The word already came for Carl Torbush, and the
fallout continues amongs the faithful.
Check out what John Pope of the Rams
Club said to the N&O : "Basically, there's a group of people on campus and in the media who would like to de-emphasize
athletics. These people wanted to keep Coach Torbush all the time, and then they used the two wins at the end of the season to influence the chancellor and the athletic director to change their minds."

Talk about rationalization. There's an argument about honor and decency too,
but apparently it just comes down to shafting athletics. Fortunately not
everyone thinks that way. Here's
another take.

The UNC team is over in Hawaii
of course
and struggled
with Georgetown,
racking up 17 first half turnovers. NBA
types are high on Haywood,
and anyone can see the potential. He had a
solid night statistically last night.
Here's the Post on the game.

Tonight, in another very interesting game, Maryland
takes on Kentucky in the pre-season NIT.
Kentucky is concerned
about Maryland's quickness,
but Maryland should be concerned about
Kentucky's half-court
. If they can't open up the court with some 3's, then it's Terrapin
Soup Time! Our bet - UK wins.

In other ACC news, FSU
won vs. Norfolk State,
but less than 3,500 showed up to see it.