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Torbush Stays!

It's official - UNC
is not firing Carl Torbush.
  That's great news as far as we're
concerned.  While we are Duke fans, we are also ACC fans, and while we are
certainly not UNC fans that doesn't mean we want to see our esteemed rivals go
the way of, say, Auburn or LSU and glorify athletics at the expense of
everything else.  Rivalry aside, UNC does make an effort at doing things
the right way, and firing Torbush would fly in the face of everything they have

His players certainly seem to have strong feeligns about it. Apparently
earlier today a UNC player went on 850 The Buzz and publicly argued for Torbush
to stay. His players made a clear statement in the Duke game: they respect him
and want him to continue. 

It's entirely possible the guy may turn out to be a stiff as a coach, and
that this year was the norm rather than the exception.  But it's also
possible he could turn out to be a great coach. Certainly his players believe in
him, and since they're with him day in and day out, who better to ask? UNC
upheld the best of their tradition today, and Duke fans, above all, should
applaud it, even if it was a last-minute conversion. They still did the right
thing. As ACC fans, we want to see our sister schools with solid reputations.