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Carolina Off To Hawaii, Clemson To Oblivion?

The Heels are off to Hawaii and hoping to play well in spite
of a number of obstacles.
  Both Lang and Bersticker are suffering. The
good news is Wofford
isn't on the schedule.
Just kidding but the dawn of the season hasn't been
good.  Gut is looking at Hawaii as
a chance to bond.
The long rumored defensive
may not last long though, since three of the top nine in the
rotation are injured (counting Curry) and Brooker's knee is acting up. Not that
he's a huge factor - he tries hard, but he's just not. 

The Torbush watch is still on, and it turns out that his biggest backer, and
the guy most willing to hold UNC's feet to the fire is
Art Chansky.
  Art talks of black eyes and having given  himself a
number he qualifies as an expert, but nonetheless, he his absolutely right 
Of course now State is also deliberating
on O' Cain.
O' Cain has at least had a substantial run at State though.

Clemson, as previously mentioned, had a disaster vs. Wofford.  It's a
tough place to recruit, though, and so, like Dave Odom, Clemson
has looked internationally.
  They could have
used a few Yugos against Wofford.

Clarification: We called Campbell Wake's sister school. Historically speaking that is true, they were both Baptist schools. Everett reminds us that Wake has split away and so now you can dance on campus and the like. Historically and culturally speaking, Wake and Campbell have a relationship, but no longer through the Baptist Convention