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Wofford? Wofford!?

In a humiliating defeat,
Larry Shyatt's Tigers lost to Wofford - at home.
Ay carumba! That's
roughly equivalent to Duke's losing to Wagner - at home - against, as Frank
Dascenzo said at the time, the only D-1 team with a bald point guard.

There's no question that it appears to be a disaster, but Clemson fans
shouldn't panic yet. For one, it's early in the season. For another, Larry
Shyatt isn't an idiot. He turned around Wyoming in his one year there, and
he has a good class on the way at Clemson. They'll get there, but they need more
players, and there's no way around that.

For another historical parallel, of course, nothing tops UVa's disaster in
Hawaii with Chaminade. That was the worst ever because UVa was #1 with one
of the ACC's great players in Ralph Sampson.

Speaking of UVa, they
whooped up on the Keydets
, and Wake took on
Baptist sister school Campbell.